Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to book an appointment?

Ideally yes. We like to make sure that we are prepared for you and especially for weekend or late night appointments, as these tend to get booked up very quickly.

Do you charge for appointments?

From February 2018 we will be charging a small consultation fee of £25 for weekend and evening appointments.  This charge is for 1st appointments only, and is fully refundable against a purchase of a dress or accessory in store. All follow up appointments will be free of charge.    Weekday appointments’ will remain free of charge.

How many guests should I bring to the appointment?

We like to make sure that all guests are comfortable, and in our experience it can be a little overwhelming to have too many opinions so we would suggest no more than 3. However more can be accommodated if needed.  Please advise of the numbers of guests you wish to bring at the time of booking.

What size are the dresses?

The samples we have in store range from designer size 12 to size 16, albeit the majority of them are size 12’s.

What if I don’t fit into the sample dresses?

Our stylists are fully trained in fitting dresses, we do this using discreet methods to ensure the best fit possible so please do not be concerned about the fitting on the day – that’s our job!

What are the prices of your wedding dresses?

The collections range £1,700 to £4000.  To view prices of specific collections please visit the individual designer pages.   We also have a number of ex-display samples available to purchase, you can view this on our sample sale page.