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Why British Designers?

When I (Lynsey) and Natalie took over the running of The Bride there were many things up for careful debate and consideration. Of course, ensuring the journey of finding “the dress” is as special as possible for our brides was of paramount importance, but we still pondered over practicalities such as opening hours, the design of the boutique and how we should best manage our appointments.


One thing we both unanimously agreed on from the start was how we wanted the boutique to continue to offer a gorgeous, stylish collection of gowns from talented British designers only.


Why was stocking British bridal designers so important to us both??

Knowing Where Your Garment

Comes From

Well, firstly, we both believe, now more than ever before, brides want to know how and where the fashion they are buying is being sourced and made.



Brides and their families are making an investment on one of the most emotive and important outfits they will ever wear and so understandably they should at least be able to have the lowdown on how their dress and wedding wear is being created, what with and by whom…

Supporting The British Economy

and Industry

What’s more, both of us want to support the UK manufacturing and design industry wherever we can, we are both at a point in our lives where we can reminisce of a time where the textile industry in Britain was thriving prior to a lot of it being moved abroad.


It makes us a little sad when we think of the lost machinists and the fact that we don’t take pride in the likes of pattern cutters and talented seamstresses. Sometimes, you have to realise it’s not just about the bottom line…


It’s about the fact supporting British talent not only ensures our carbon footprint can be kept low, it means we can nurture and give back to national talents. We can make the UK a hive of industrial activity again.

Open Communication And


Offering Bespoke Customisations

We wanted to get to really know our designers and have open and honest conversations with them. We get to know and understand their core brand values and what exactly it is they stand for and want to offer brides to be. This enables us to build solid, long standing relationships with both them and their teams – it never feels like them and us – we try to work as one big team.


It is because of this fluid and flexible relationship with our British designers we are able to offer the opportunity to influence different elements of existing designs. Fancy losing the straps and going strapless – it can be done, looking to change the neckline or switch up the colour of a sash, let us all work together to make your dream come to fruition.  We can make it that each gown is meticulously made for you to suit your personality and style.













Value For Money 

We know that many of you will be getting married at a similar time to your friend and relatives. We are also acutely aware there are designs out there that haven’t changed or evolved for many years.


We live in a time where we seek to showcase our personalities through what garments we wear, indeed your wedding day is a personalised celebration that should reflect the unique and individual tastes of the both of you as a couple.


When you come to us and buy from a British designer, not only are you purchasing a gown from the very designer who dreamt it up. You are buying in to a much more personal service whereby you can influence the design itself. We offer a service in an intimate setting where we really get to know you. All gowns are made to measurements taken by ourselves and any final tweaks and alterations can be made by our in house seamstress.


So, how has our approach to only stocking British designers impacted us and our existing brides so far during the Covid19 lockdown…

At the time of publishing this post all of our dress designers have continued with their creative processes and productions with as little disruption as possible whilst still adhering to government stipulations.


Utilising our honest and open relationships with them that we have unilaterally nurtured means we haven’t had to break the news to any of our brides that they will not be receiving their gowns. There is also no reason at present to believe there will be any delays for future brides and their gowns either.


What’s more at a time where we are greeted with a level of future uncertainty, we are prouder than ever to be able to say we are supporting local UK businesses and championing British design.


We are here for any of our brides should they have any queries during this time and if you fancy a bit of escapism, we are still posting daily inspiration on our Instagram and Pinterest account.


Warmest wishes

Lynsey, Natalie and the team at The Bride x

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