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It’s always such a thrill to sit down with a bride for the very first time and listen to her talk about her wedding plans and what she’s envisaging for the big day.

Although we help hundreds of brides to find their perfect dress, no two brides are the same, and that’s where the excitement lies – we love nothing more than to really get to know you, and help find a dress which you love so much you simply don’t want to ever take it off!

With a huge array of gorgeous dresses in our showroom, we certainly have something for everyone, but where to start when there are so many to choose from?

We’ll always begin your first appointment with a detailed chat over bubbles.  We want to understand what you’re looking for and where you’re at with your wedding dress search.  We’ll then select a few dresses for you to try on, and as you talk us through your likes and dislikes about each dress we start to really get an idea of your individual style which, in turn, influences other dress choices for you to try on.

For many of our brides, picking a wedding dress is a journey.  Standing in front of the mirror in a variety of different styles is often the only way to work out exactly how you’d like to look and feel on your wedding day.  We will work up each style with accessories and hair ideas so you can visualise the dress as it will look on your big day.

You’ll soon get to a point where you have a clear picture of your perfect wedding dress and it’s our job to help you achieve the look you’re after.  Sometimes that might even mean getting a bit creative.  For example, you may like the top half of one dress and the skirt of another.  You may like the idea of adding sleeves or using a different lace; all are completely possible with the bespoke hand-made dresses we carry.  As we’ve been working with our designers for over 12 years, we can manage bespoke requests in order to really make a dress truly yours.

It’s all such an exciting process and it’s so wonderful to see every one of our brides set eyes on her actual dress for the very first time.   At that moment, there’s a certain magic in the air as she sees everything she’s been visualising finally come to life.

Each dress is as unique as the bride who wears it and that’s exactly why we will never tire of what we do – it’s such a pleasure and privilege to work with each and every one of you! x


Making A Dress Truly Yours


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