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Fitting Services –  what do we mean?

When you purchase your dress from us you will be given the opportunity to use our in house fitting services, which is lead by our very experienced seamstress Rani.  Rani has over 30 years experience working with bridal dresses and has worked with us for the last 15 years.  She knows the way each of our dresses are constructed, and has a very keen eye for detail –  you will be in very safe hands!

We have 3 options available, and we will be able to advise which service is best for you,  which is all dependant on the dress that you purchase.

During your measurements appointment we take between 15 and 20 measurements of your body.  These measurements include bust, waist, hips as well as nape to waist, bust to bust point and shoulder to waist.  By taking so many measurements we can ensure we select the correct fitting service to get the best fit on your dress.

Option 1: Standard Size

Each of our designers have a standard size chart on which they base their dresses, starting from a size 8 and going up to 22.  However please note that bridal sizing is VERY different to high street sizing and also does differ by designer.

When looking at your measurements if they are close to a standard size, then we can order you this size.  The dress will be made exactly as the sample dress in the correct size.  We cannot make any design changes when ordering a standard size.

Once the dress has arrived in the correct size, it will need alterations in order to ensure it the perfect fit for you.

Option 2: Made to Measure

This service essentially means that your dress is made to your exact measurements.  This ensures that your dress will be right for your body shape and will also minimise the amount of alterations needed.

This service also allows you to make change to the dress so that it is perfect for you, for instance we are able to combine styles, i.e. you can have a top of one dress and a skirt of the other, we can change the shape of necklines, we can longer the back.  The are so many options available to you so that you can truly personalise your dress.

Made to measure dresses will still need alterations carried out, however the amount will be hugely minimised.

Option 3: Full Couture 

This service is an upgrade from made to measure, so it includes the same as the above but it has an additional step.

So after your measurements have been taken, a cotton ‘mock up’ of the dress bodice will be made by the designer.  The mock up (or ‘Toile’, as we call it) will be fitted to you by our fitting team.  This is an opportunity to see how the bodice of the dress will look in your exact size, and for us to ensure the dress is technically crafted for the fit to be perfect.

Our fitting services represent what is most important to us –  excellent customer service.  We want to give each of our brides the choice and flexibility to select the service that is right for them.  However our expert team will be able to guide and advice you on the best option based on the dress that you have purchased.

If you would like to know more please get in touch to book your appointment now!

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