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Our Boutique Refurb

As you may have seen on Instagram over Christmas, Natalie and I closed the shop and gave it a little TLC. We wanted to start the new year with a fresh new look, so with the help of many friends and family, we all got our hands dirty and completed a refurb.

We painted, we wall-papered, we re-carpeted giving the boutique a much needed lift!

Amazing Photos of Our New Space

We gave you a few sneak peek pictures but I am very pleased to say that the final piece of the puzzle (the curtains) were put up last week. So, we invited our lovely friend and amazing photographer, Zoe C, to take some gorgeous pics of our new look.

We are blessed to be in

a building steeped in history

but as it is a listed building we are limited to what we can do. However, we wanted to make the most of the space, make sure it felt full of light, and was big and open without taking away from its natural beauty and character. We also wanted to ensure it felt bridal and very luxurious, so we focused the decoration on texture and different fabrics.

We used different textured wallpapers to separate the showroom, the fitting rooms and our dedicated fitting suite. We kept the colours neutral, using white and different shades of gold with a little pop of navy!

The Vision

I must admit the person with the vision behind this was Natalie ( I cannot, in fairness, take any of the credit!) and in her words ‘I wanted to create a space that was intimate, relaxed, understated where our brides knew they were in a bridal boutique but where the dresses did the talking.’ And we really hoped we have achieved just that!!

The refurb also coincided with the launch of our new, sleek website and our new branding colours. So we are starting 2018 with a great new look and we cannot wait to share it with you all.

We would also love to hear your feedback both on the boutique interior and the website, as both will continue to evolve over time. If you would be interested in helping us with a small website survey, please do get it touch at mydress@the-bride.co.uk

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