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I cannot put my wedding journey into any other words other than wonderful!

I went to The bride first to find my dress of my dreams. It wasn’t until I visited other stores that I had realised how amazingly unique the dress collection at the Bride were and how perfect the service was – that I knew my journey to find a dress was best to be joined with them!

Each trip was made special, each staff member was complimentary (yet honest) and each collection was as unique as the other!

I choose Suzanne Neville’s Fern. My dressed was tailored to me and they got it spot on! Even if I wasn’t happy with something they were more than happy to help with solutions.

On my special day all I received was surprised faces and nothing by compliments!

Thank you The Bride for making my special day and thank you Suzanne Neville for the beautiful Fern dress!!

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